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From the beginning, the goal of Portfolio Cafe was to make rules-based investment models, similar to those used by institutions and hedge funds, available to everyone.

Based upon both the founder’s professional experience and academic research, Portfolio Cafe provides members access to systematic Exchange Traded Fund and quantitative stock investment strategies.

Our newsletter is perfect for the self-guided investor who wants to minimize their time spent trading and researching their investments while following a proven and thoroughly tested approach.

Throughout the month, members receive access to investment models as well as reports on leading sectors and asset classes, risk-management tools, and market analysis.

Finally, an investment service based upon mathematical expectancy and the presicion of a rules-based process that eliminates guesswork and human emotion.

We welcome you to join our growing, global community of investors.



For investors who prefer to delegate the task of trading our strategies, we offer a referral to a licensed, professional, investment advisor who is versed in our model strategies.

Once your account is opened and funded, the entire process is automated on your behalf.  Investors have 24/7 access to their account through their own personal app and through the custodian’s web platform.

In a world of “me-too” robo platforms that all follow a basic “diversify and hold” strategy, Portfolio Cafe offers a unique approach based upon our advanced algorithms and proven performance in both good and bad markets.

Our proprietary investment system is based upon our strategies that have produced market outperformance for extended periods of time.

We recognize that each investor has different goals and tolerance for risk.  By working with your dedicated advisor, you can build a customized portfolio that meets your individual needs.


We provide actionable, outsourced portfolio management solutions designed to assist independent investment advisors, wealth managers, institutions, endowments, and qualified individual investors.

Strategies can be customized to meet the specific needs of investors.

For financial publishers with an existing subscriber base, we offer the opportunity to monetize their list by developing and offering exclusive investment models that may be branded in the publisher’s name.

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