adaptive etf models

Our Adaptive ETF Models are ideal if you are looking to build or add to the “core” part of your portfolio.  They can be an ideal tool when modeling a financial plan around a targeted return.

Benefits include:

  • Use of low-cost ETFs to help keep portfolio costs down
  • Diversification as a single ETF can include hundreds of securities
  • Designed to capture “big picture” trends and themes within the market, sectors, countries and asset classes.
  • Lower drawdowns and more consistent results
  • Automatic downside risk protection

Quantitative Stock Models

Our Quantitative Stock Models are ideal if you are seeking to add additional sources of “alpha” to your portfolio.  Our strategies offer a specialized approach to popular investment themes.

Benefits include:

  • Higher return potential with greater security concentration
  • Saves time.  Managing a portfolio becomes as simple as following the buy and sell recommendations.
  • The portfolio is evaluated consistently and accurately at every rebalance point.
  • Removes human emotion and guesswork.
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