We Think Differently About Investing

We believe that building wealth is more about managing risk than seeking outsized returns. We believe that human emotion is detrimental to long-term portfolio growth. We believe that academically researched, systematized models deployed with rules-based accuracy deliver long-term investing success.


Models beat the human forecasters because they reliably and consistently apply the same criteria time after time. In almost every instance, it is the total reliability of application of the model that accounts for its superior performance. Models never vary. They are always consistent. They are never moody, never fight with their spouse, are never hung over from a night on the town, and never get bored. They don’t favor vivid, interesting stories over reams of statistical data. They never take anything personally. They don’t have egos. They’re not out to prove anything. If they were people, they’d be the death of any party. James O'Shaughnessy

What Works on Wall Street

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We believe in

Downside Risk Management

The mission of Portfolio Cafe is to provide individual investors and registered advisors access to model portfolios that leverage modern financial theories and that deliver higher returns with meaningful lower volatility, than commonly recommended “diversify and rebalance strategies”.  It is our belief that the path a portfolio takes is just as important as the end result.

Tim Fortier

Founder & Managing Director , Portfolio Cafe

Who We Serve

Whether You Invest For Yourself or For Others, We’ve Got You Covered

Individual Investors

Portfolio Cafe provides individual investors fully transparent, investment models that offer higher returns with lower risks than traditional diversify and hold approaches. Benefits of membership include:

  • save time – most models require less than 15 minutes per month to monitor and trade
  • save money – the cost of our annual membership is about 1/3 what most financial advisors charge
  • access to fully researched, “institutional” quality models.
  • downside risk management – protects your portfolio from prolonged periods of market losses.

Private Wealth Management

‘Want Personal Assistance Implementing Our Strategies?

Drawbridge Wealth is a division of Capital Markets IQ, LLC., a fee-based SEC-registered investment advisor, advising investors about our models, helping them match the right model with their individual needs and managing their investments.


Institutions, Advisors & Publishers

Outsourced CIO (OCIO) services and private label solutions are available through Drawbridge Alliances.

Find out how you can leverage your brand with our proven investment model process to increase profitability and performance.  Click below to learn more.


Tim Fortier

Tim Fortier

Founder & Managing Director

About Tim Fortier

With over 25 years of experience as an investment professional, I’ve worked as a broker, advisor, chief investment officer, and consultant.  I experienced the boom of the 90’s, the Tech Bubble, the Housing Bust leading up to the Credit Crash in 2008, the recovery, and all the ups and downs in between.

During this time, I have realized that investors need a better way to invest…a way that helps remove human emotion and creates more predictable outcomes.

In 1993, when financial databases were first becoming available on the internet, I began building rules-based stock models using the available information.

By the late 90’s ETFs were becoming available and I began managing portfolios using sector rotation ETF and country rotation ETF strategies.

Later, as the CIO of a wealth management office, I implemented a number of systematic strategies both for the firm and outside broker-dealers and RIAs.

In 2004, I started Portfolio Cafe as a way to give everyday investors access to rules-based models, similar to those used by some of the largest and most successful hedge funds and institutions.

I believe that systematic strategies driven by quantitative models provide greater risk-adjusted returns, protect against bear markets, and outperform market indexes in the long run.

Come join me in my quest to provide investors with a better way to invest.


Reviews & Endorsements

“Tim is a quant, a guy who is fascinated by numbers, especially numbers that relate to successfully managing money.  While he is schooled in the old style of portfolio theory, he has moved on.  He has developed his approach after studying the academic research of the past 20 years and built his investment models using that research.  Tim’s approach begins and ends with rules.  There’s no emotional turmoil, the math is what matters. His performance through the past decade has been outstanding, the highlight being how well he protected assets during the 50% pullback in 2008.   While most investors took 5 years just to get even after that disaster, Tim’s managed account, called Keystone, took only months and actually finished the year with a gain of just under 9%!”

JIM P. – retired executive, Merrill Lynch, FL

Reviews & Endorsements

I am an active manager with over 48 years of experience.  I was introduced to Tim’s Keystone strategy by friends of mine who were pleased with the excellent client retention they had using it.  I now have been using the strategy myself I am pleased with the performance.  It relieves stress becasue the draw downs are small and it keeps my clients happy with the results.

Robert M.,  Financial Advisor, CT

We know how confusing and uncertain investing can be.  This is why we help investors implement sound investment strategies based on academic research and proven mathematical models. 

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