Too Many people are frustrated with their investing results.

are you afraid of making a bad decision that may have a long term impact?

Are you confused by conflicting investment advice?

are you afraid of being caught in the market during periods of large market declines?

Do you feel you are paying too much for financial advice?

Are you wondering if you have the time or knowledge to invest successfully?

Do you wish that there was a simple way to invest that kept you on track to reach your financial goals?

We know how confusing and uncertain investing can be, especially when your decisions have a long-term impact on your financial future.

the answer

Leveraging over 30 years of experience, we’ve built a platform that can serve as the bridge between proven academic research and real-world practical applications.

We provide quantitive models for investors to follow.  We’ve researched the strategies, read the books and whitepapers, and back-tested the models.



performance you can trust

Independent Audited Performance

On May 30, 2018, Keystone, our flagship model, received an “Independent Performance Certification Report” from a leading global third-party performance service company. 

why portfolio cafe

Your financial goals are important and should never be left to chance. By applying a systematic, rules-based process, our portfolios constantly adapt to the changing market. The result is lower volatility and more consistent results in both good markets and bad. That’s investing the way it should be.  That is the Portfolio Cafe difference.


sophisticated portfolios

We use  advanced algorithms to build a diversified global portfolio of ETFs and stocks giving you access to strategies normally available only to large institutions and hedge funds

higher returns

Our strategies have historically provided higher returns than traditional diversify and hold approaches.

no guesswork

Our rules-based process produces precise buy and sell signals month after month. By elimination of human emotions you eliminate the #1 reason investors underperform the market

lower risks

Our strategies have historically  demonstrated significantly lower downside volatility than traditional buy and hold approaches.

sleep well

No longer do you have to fear big market declines…our systematic approach will keep you safely protected by automatically providing your account with downside protection.

Save Money

Access to Portfolio Cafe is for one flat-fee, regardless of the size of your portfolio.  An investor with a $250,000 portfolio could pay half of what most traditional advisors charge.

Start generating consistent returns and

Take Back Your Financial Freedom

The Portfolio Cafe process:

Get Access

Sign up for access to our proven, consistent models created to help you
improve your investing.

Place your trades

Leverage the power of our models to update your portfolio.

Achieve Your Goals

Eliminate the stress of portfolio management that keeps you up at night and invest with peace of mind and confidence.

Focus Three Global Tactical

The Focus Three model examines the performance of stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, and commodities, on a global basis and selects the top three to position the model for maximum, risk-adjusted growth.

During adverse economic conditions, the model may automatically allocate to cash and/or short-term U.S. Government bonds to avoid major losses.


Keystone is Portfolio Cafe’flagship model.  It’s actually eight separate models blended into one solution that can represent the core holding of a diversified portfolio.

Its trademark low volatility and consistent growth make this model attractive for a variety of investor’s needs of all ages.

Vanguard Asset Allocation

This model uses a dynamic approach to asset allocation to invest in the top three, ranked Vanguard ETFs chosen from a basic representing most major asset classes, regions, and sectors.

During defensive periods, the model will automatically adjust to cash and short-term bonds in order to protect capital from significant loss.

U.S. Style Box Rotation

The U.S. Style Box strategy dynamically rotates to own the top two, dominant market themes at any given time.

During periods of economic stress, the model will automatically adjust to hold cash and short-term bonds in order to protect from significant downside loss.

U.S. Sector Rotation

At any given time some sectors of the economy are performing better than others.  The Sector Rotation strategy identifies the top three performing strategies and holds each in equal weight.

During periods of market stress, the strategy will automatically move to a defensive position that may include cash and short-term bonds.


This model strategy rotates among the top performing country funds that make up the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

During unfavorable market periods, the strategy may own cash, short-term bonds, or a position in an inverse emerging market ETF

World Traveler

This strategy rotates among the top performing country ETFs that make up the MSCI Developed Country Index.

During unfavorable market periods, the model can invest in cash, short-term bonds, and an inverse MSCI EAFE ETF.

We believe that investors need a better way to invest

You should enjoy:

•  More predictable results.

•  An investment strategy that saves time and money.

•  Freedom from emotion-driven trading.

Too many of the popular approaches to investing do not adequately address the real world needs of investors.  Traditional methods expose investors to potentially large losses that can derail financial dreams.

Unfortunately, much of the commonly available investment advice is laden with conflicts of self-interest.  Our models and principles are based on academic research and real-world experience.

These easy to follow investment models dynamically adjust to market risks and automatically protect your portfolio from the dangers of highly volatile markets.


  • Adaptive ETF strategies adjust to changing market conditions.
  • Multi-factor quantitative stock models
  • Earn higher return with less risk.
  • Takes less than 15-minutes a month to update your portfolio.

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