World Traveler

Investors who focus only on U.S. companies are overlooking opportunities in a large portion of the universe of stocks
An examination of the MSCI All County World Index, an index based upon market capitalization, quickly reveals that 55% of the Index’s total value is derived outside of the United States.
  • The design of the World Traveler strategy is to identify major themes among the universe of single country fund ETFs and to constantly rotate into the best performing markets
  • The model may at times allocate to cash and an inverse EAFE ETF to protect investors during protracted global market declines
  • The Model is rebalanced on a monthly basis and uses the MSCI EAFE Index as its benchmark

From: $208.25 / month

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Model Inception Date:12/31/2003Data as of 01/31/2017
Total Return:680.5%159.7%
Compound Annual Growth (CAGR):15.7%7.0%
Sharpe Ratio:0.850.32
MAR Ratio: 0.760.11
Correlation to benchmark:.52

Maximum Drawdown:-21.4%-61.0%
Winning Period %:65.7%
Best Monthly Period:16.67%
Worst Monthly Period:-11.61%

Exchange Traded FundSymbol
Wisdom Tree Dividend EFADWM
iShares MSCI EAFE IndexEFA
iShares MSCI EAFE Minimum VolatilityEFAV
iShares MSCI Israel EIS
iShares MSCI New Zealand Investable MarketENZL
iShares MSCI Pacific ex-JapanEPP
iShares MSCI Australia Index FundEWA
iShares MSCI Canada Index FundEWC
iShares MSCI Sweden IndexEWD
Shares MSCI Germany IndexEWG
iShares MSCI Sweden IndexEWH
iShares MSCI Italy IndexEWI
iShares MSCI Japan IndexEWJ
iShares MSCI Belgium IndexEWK
iShares MSCI Belgium IndexEWL
iShares MSCI Netherlands IndexEWN
iShares MSCI Austria IndexEWO
iShares MSCI Spain IndexEWP
iShares MSCI FranceEWQ
iShares MSCI Singapore IndexEWS
iShares MSCI United Kingdom IndexEWU
-1x ProShares Short MSCI EAFE IndexEFZ
Barclays Low Duration Treasury (2-yr)SHY

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