Why PortfolioCafe Will Make You a Better Investor

We develop ETF and stock investment models based upon proven and specific investment strategies designed to enhance returns while minimizing risks.

Our Mission

We specialize in developing low risk, low volatility money management strategies.

The mission of Portfolio Cafe is to provide individual investors and registered advisors access to model portfolios that leverage modern financial theories and that deliver higher returns with meaningful lower volatility, than commonly recommended “diversify and rebalance strategies”.  It is our belief that the path a portfolio takes is just as important as the end result.

At Portfolio Cafe, we seek to develop rules-based investment strategies designed for consistent and repeatable behavior.  We believe that a dynamic, quantitatively-driven process facilitates long-term consistency and success in both investment performance and risk-management.  Our models are based upon academic research and white-papers and are fully disclosed.

Review Performance

Models beat the human forecasters because they reliably and consistently apply the same criteria time after time. In almost every instance, it is the total reliability of application of the model that accounts for its superior performance. Models never vary. They are always consistent. They are never moody, never fight with their spouse, are never hung over from a night on the town, and never get bored. They don’t favor vivid, interesting stories over reams of statistical data. They never take anything personally. They don’t have egos. They’re not out to prove anything. If they were people, they’d be the death of any party.

James P. O’Shaughnessy

“What Works on Wall Street”

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Here's the Deal
Methods that used to work have been replaced with new financial products
The investment models we provide use a combination of rigorous academic screens and proprietary investment selection process that easily allow any investor to consistently crush the investment results of traditional Wall Street money managers. The systems are entirely mechanical, eliminating all emotional interference from the investment process and allowing for robust testing of the strategy to ensure it delivers positive, market beating results in both bull (good) and bear (bad) markets.
Here's the Deal
As an investor in today’s markets, you have to realize that the rules have changed
It is often true that when it comes to investing, investors can be their own worst enemy.  In large part this is because investors let their emotions get in the way.  They buy when they should be selling and the sell when they should be buying. To be consistently successful, investors must learn to apply systematic rules that remove human emotion.  We do this by identifying simple attributes and factors that have been historically and academically demonstrated to produce superior investment results and then apply them through a consistent, simple, and cost-effective means.